1. You are a role model.

    They want to do what you do…when they see it’s a priority in your life, it will become one in theirs.

  2. When you are calmer as a result, they will be too.

    Your kids can tell when you’re stressed, and its stressing them out too! When you are calm and relaxed, they are more likely to respond calm and relaxed.

  3. They will learn the power of the breath.

    And how to use it to automatically slow down the nervous system and reduce anxiety. This is a skill that will carry them through life’s challenges in more ways than one.

  4. It promotes emotional stability.

    Anxiety and mental stress are at an all time high. Whether its school, sports or just social interaction, kids have pressure and expectations flying at them from every angle imaginable. Having a consistent meditation practice can be a reliable place of refuge from the storm of emotions that along come with growing up in our world today.

  5. It builds confidence.

    One of the core principles of meditation is non-judgmental awareness or ‘witnessing presence’. It is the practice of withdrawing externalized attention to observe internal processes without criticism or doubt. When practiced with this understanding, meditation becomes a natural mechanism for building a sense of inner resource and a remedy to the excessive outward grasping for acceptance and self-worth.

  6. It improves brain function.

    As more and more research is being done, we are able to see all of the incredible ways that meditation is actually improving the way our brain is functioning.

    Yoga Nidra, Amrit Yoga Institute

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  7. You will give them an opportunity to unplug from electronics (at least for 20 minutes)

    I think this is self explanatory. We all get this, right?

  8. It improves mental focus and attention span.

    It can be really challenging to pay attention to one thing for a long time (especially for kids). New studies are showing that meditation helps improve a person’s ability to focus and for longer periods of time with consistent practice. With all the crazy drugs being given to our children these days to deal with this issue, isn’t it at least worth trying something as easy as lying down and doing a 20 minute meditation? Side effects may include: feeling better, having more energy and yet somehow mysteriously being more calm.

  9. It promotes imagination and creativity.

    The guided visualization techniques used in this Yoga Nidra stimulate all of the natural, imaginative processes. Training the mind to engage in these positive, creative functions deters the tendency for these same functions to be used in the perpetuation of fear, doubt and anxiety.

  10. And of course, the number 1 reason is to De-Stress from the crazy world we live in!

    With all of the pressure and stress put on our kids these days, having a regular, steady Yoga Nidra practice is an essential life tool for both you and your children.

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Kids, Yoga Nidra

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