I met Gurudev Yogi Desai at Kripalu Center in Summit Station Pennsylvania in the late 1970’s. By the recommendation of friends, my partner at the time and I registered as guests in the Health Center for some needed R&R.

This meeting was Gurudev Japaa critical catalyst to finding what I had been seeking since childhood. Yogi Desai became my guru, teaching the meaning of Christ’s message I AM That I Am which I had so long searched my mind and heart to understand.

A few years into my Kripalu experiences, learning the ancient technology and practices of yoga, I was introduced to the healing benefits of Reiki. This would have been the mid 1980’s in New York City where I lived at the time. Friends had come forward to support me with a Reiki session, a new and mysterious hands-on healing practice. The results were even more mysterious and I received a profound healing.

I began my experience and practice of Reiki in 1989. I was so immediately impressed with the results of my own subsequent Reiki healings that I unabashedly began to teach Reiki to as many people as appeared interested. I taught Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, Hospice Nurses, Hospital Nurses, Dancers, Mystics, Parents; pretty much people from all walks of life. Teaching Reiki became the vehicle for my own awakening.

In 2007 I shared Reiki I & Reiki II with a small group of Gurudev’s close disciples at his Ashram in Florida. It was during that small and intimate training that I recognized Reiki Awakening in the same light as my experience of Prana Awakening. That awareness of the resulting sameness changed the face of my Reiki Trainings. I continued offering the training at Amrit Yoga Institute in Florida, ‘soon collaborating on the teaching philosophy with Gurudev; resulting in this manual. Gurudev immediately recognized the healing and evolutionary dimension of Prana Awakening in Reiki Awakening., so that by 2009, the empowering recognition of the awareness’ of Reiki consciousness and Prana awareness merged and Integrative Reiki Awakening was conceived.

Over 100 people came through the Reiki trainings at the Amrit Yoga Institute that first year. As a result of recognizing Reiki Awakening in the same Light as Prana Awakening I immersed myself in Reiki as a path to enlightenment. I began to realize that Sensei Usui was sharing the same knowledge of the internal path leading to enlightenment as I was experiencing internally in Morning Darshans with Gurudev. This spiritual dimension of Reiki as a path to enlightenment was hardly ever integrated in to the Western ideology of Reiki at that time.


Reikki Master Hiroshi Doi

In 2010 I took a trip with my family to Japan. Since I was now my own student of the spiritual depths of Reiki I set off to find the root of the Usui Reiki Ryoho to integrate for myself. That trip confirmed my own intuitive knowing that Reiki Awakening and Shakti Awakening are one and the same. I returned with an even deeper commitment to share Reiki as Sensei Usui intended, a path to enlightenment.

Things progressed quickly after that trip. I returned to Japan on several occasions to study Usui Reiki Ryoho from world famous Japanese Reiki Master, Hiroshi Doi, the founder of Gendai Reiki Ho; and a member of the original Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai, the closed Reiki society formed by Sensei Usui before his death. Doi Sensei shares the Reiki teachings as Usui intended, as a path of enlightenment, not just for the few, but for the whole world. Through my Japanese Reiki experiences I quickly learned that Sensei Usui teachings and his realization shared in Gendai Reiki are the same Shakti Awakening that Gurudev shares in Integrative Amrit Method teachings. This lit the flame for Integrative Reiki Awakening and thus the tradition linking Yoga and Reiki was born.

(this article is the Forward from the book “Reiki Awakening”)

By Reiki Master Devdasi Audrey Pearson


Reiki III & IV

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