Prana Awakening

With Gurudev and Chandrakant

Renew and reinforce your commitment to deepen your spiritual growth and development.

Awakening prana dismantles the body of the self-image that blocks you from the Self that you are. As you transform your relationship with your higher self it is reflected in all relationships with which you are engaged in the external world.

Prana Awakening is geared towards the awakening of prana to those who are ready and open through energetic transmission from the Master to the recipient. The Master stands on the threshold of the known and the unknown, between darkness and light. His presence is the gateway to consciousness.

This program provides the opportunity to awaken trust in your own inner guru through your connection with an external Master and will provide a profound shift bringing you closer to the Lineage and the light of consciousness within you.

Your body is the temple of god. Your body is the body of god. Your body is the creation of god.

You will be invited to take name and mantra initiation during this program.  Neither are required as part of participation in the program.

Prerequisite: Attendance at an I AM Yoga program, training, or call for an interview.

If you are a returning client to Prana Awakening then Room and Board is free (total would be $795) and please call to register.

Further explore the Integrative Amrit Method (I AM) of Lineage, or learn more about your stay at the Amrit Yoga Institute

The below prices include room and board, if you have questions or have special housing arrangements call our registration office at 352-685-3001

  • 2017 Jul Prana Awakening Retreat AYI
    07/19/2017 - 07/23/2017
    4:00 pm - 12:00 pm



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